Stax Pay: The Benefits of Performance Analytics

A performance analytics dashboard is an excellent tool for tracking the health of your business and analyzing sales trends. The analytics dashboard updates with data reflecting the latest changes in your business. You can find performance analytics in Stax Pay. The Stax Pay platform has a cutting-edge dashboard that shows gross sales, net sales, refunds, and more.

With performance analytics, you can:

  • View a heatmap of hourly sales activity to track when your business is busiest
  • Compare new vs. returning customers
  • View recent deposit information and reviews at a quick glance
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This data can help in making staffing decisions and planning upcoming promotions for your business. You can schedule your staff based on times of high sales volume, and plan promotions to boost sales during lower-volume periods. Performance analytics can also help you identify which areas of your business may need help. These are valuable tools for managing the day-to-day operations of your business, as well as planning long-term growth.


Interested in Performance Analytics? Reach out to your Success Manager!