Stax Pay: Viewing ACH Deposits

The deposit report in Stax Pay by Fattmerchant includes reporting for both your credit card and ACH (bank) transactions. 

Each deposit will be listed as a separate line item in the deposit report, and you can click into each deposit to review the transactions that are included in the deposit. 

In addition to reviewing your deposits, you can also click on each line item of the deposit to be taken to the exact transaction in your payments list. If you notice a transaction for $100 in your deposit report, but you are unsure of the transaction, you can click the transaction and you will be taken directly to the payment details in your payments list. 



To view your ACH deposits: 


  1. Navigate to Stax Pay
  2. Navigate to Reports
  3. Navigate to Deposit Report
  4. Select Open
  5. Adjust your timeframe to list the deposits for the timeframe you would like to see
  6. Click the deposit

Your transaction(s) for the deposit will now be listed. 


If you have a question about a payment included in your deposit and you would like to go to your payments list to review further: 

  1. Navigate to the transaction in the deposit report
  2. Find the transaction in question
  3. Select the go-to icon on the far right side
  4. Review your transaction


If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, you can call our Support Team at 1.855.550.3288 or email