Stax Pay: Cards on File Pro (with Account Updater)

Cards on File Pro stores unlimited payment information with no limit on storage timing and current by automatically updating stored card numbers and expiration dates. Customers' credit cards on file that have been lost, expired or stolen will automatically update when they receive a new card.


For Example...

Merchants who store payment information and use them for monthly recurring billing (auto-pay).

  • You would not have to worry about reaching out to members whose payments have suddenly started failing because their card expired, their name changed, their bank’s portfolio changed (ie, switched from Visa to MasterCard), or their card was reported stolen. The updated information is provided directly by Visa, MasterCard, and Discover so you receive the new information as soon as it is available.

Note: The only way a payment method is unable to be updated, is if the card account associated with a card on file is detected to have been shut down by the credit card company. In result, it will be deleted and you will be notified. 


Cards on File Pro is included within the Ultimate software plan, the updated information just appears in your database!  You can add-on this beneficial feature if you rely on recurring billing or upgrade to the Ultimate software plan.

If you wish to receive the benefits of Cards on File Pro or to learn more, contact Customer Success.