Stax Pay: How to Set Up your Stax Pay Account

Easily get started using Stax Pay to accept payments.

Set Up

Once logged in to Stax Pay, you will be taken to your dashboard. If you’ve logged in previously, you may have seen a quick tutorial on how to use Stax Pay. 

Test Transaction

Once you’ve logged into your account, you are ready to run your first test transaction!

  1. Select Take Payment (located in upper right corner)
  2. Enter the billing details for the payment
  3. Enter the card number and expiration date (the CVV is optional)
  4. Enter the Amount 
  5. Click Charge

Once the transaction processes you will immediately receive a message regarding the status of the payment. 

Stax Pay also gives you the ability to schedule a payment or invoice, add a "pay now" button to your website, or pre-authorize a transaction - to learn more about all of the functionality, please reach out to the Support team to schedule a more in-depth walk through!