Swipe Simple: Offline Transactions



Offline mode allows merchants to store a mobile transaction when they don't have cellular service or access to wifi. Transactions stored in offline mode will be run when the device gains wifi or cellular service again. Transactions being run in offline mode can only be keyed in. 


Enabling Offline Mode

Once logged into the Swipe Simple application, select Settings in the lower right-hand corner. From there, select Offline Mode and toggle the gear to enable the setting. 

Ensure when entering offline mode that the Max Amount is set to correctly reflect your highest ticket that was approved by Fattmerchant. 

WARNING: Transactions run in offline mode WILL NOT be processed until cellular service or wifi signal are restored. All goods rendered at the time of service will not be paid for until signal is restored and it is determined if the transaction is approved. Transactions still have the potential to be declined once an auth request is sent.