Stax Connect: A Walkthrough of Stax Pay for Symplast Merchants

This article includes a basic walkthrough of using the Stax Pay portal for Symplast merchants. Here you will find information on how to pull reports, running transactions, searching for specific transactions, and processing payments through Stax.

Navigating the Reports Tab: 

  • The three main reports you will utilize in the Reports tab include Deposit reports, Reconciliation reports, and Fee Statements.

  • Deposit Reports: Includes every deposit made from your account. Each report will show the transaction date, type, last four of the payment method, authorization code, total sale, and fee amount for each transaction included in that deposit. 

  • Reconciliation Reports: These reports include the same information as the deposit reports but also include the customer name for each transaction.

  • Fee Statements: This will include any processing fee statements for each month. These reports populate within Stax three weeks after the month ends. They include sales total volume, monthly transaction count, interchange/assessment fees and transaction fees broken down. Here you can download/print the statements for your records.

Navigating the Payments Tab:

  • Searching Transactions: 
    • In the search bar, you can search by customer name, last four digits of the payment method, sale total, and more. 
    • The filter tab also allows you to filter by date, payment method, type, source, success status, and processed by. 
    • The print button will print the payments you currently have filtered for and the export button will export the current payment filters to an external sheet.
    • You can also easily filter by All transactions, Refunded transactions, and Failed Attempt transactions on the upper left hand side of the screen.