Third-party Integrations (POS Systems)

Fattmerchant supports integrations into more than 90% of third-party solutions! Compatibility is backed by two of the largest processors in the United States.

Compatible gateways and platforms:

  1. First Data Omaha, Nashville, North, and Rapid Connect
  2. TSYS
  4. Blackline
  5. SPin


Why would a merchant purchase a point of sale system?

Point of sale systems allow business owners to have extensive tools for managing their business. Common tools inside of point of sale systems include:

  1. Inventory management
  2. Cash drawers
  3. Kitchen printers
  4. Accounting integrations
  5. Customer management


Does Fattmerchant charge for these integrations?

Fattmerchant supplies these gateways for integration, free of cost. However, dealers of these point of sale systems may charge a conversion or integration fee. It's important for merchants to reach out to their certified dealer and ask about compatibility into the above gateway/platforms and also about integration cost. 


What are some of the popular point of sale systems Fattmerchant integrates with?

Popular point of sale systems that Fattmerchant integrates with include:

  1. Aloha
  2. Micros
  3. Revel
  4. Vend
  5. ShopKeep


For tips on how to get started with implementation of Fattmerchant's processing into your point of sale, follow this link

Our technology can be implemented into hundreds of other systems. Please reach out to a Fattmerchant representative for clarity on your specific point of sale.