Stax Connect: Token Migration Process


When a merchant needs tokens in Stax Connect from an old processor, Stax can import them using this token migration process once the merchant has been fully approved and activated. The end result is a new Stax Connect customer record and a tokenized card/bank account attached to that customer. Partners will need to go through the below process and create a separate support ticket for each individual merchant.


The SLA for token migrations is an average of 7-10 business days from when Stax receives the files.


  1. If the merchant has their own tokens that are not in Stripe, skip to step 4
  2. Contact the current provider to request an export of the payment tokens (PANs - primary account number/credit card number)
    1. Gateways typically provide a PGP-encrypted JSON or CSV file with the PANs 
    2. Scroll down to Merchants coming from these gateways for information on Stripe, Braintree or Paypal
  3. The gateway may need to see our Attestation of Compliance (AOC) to validate our PCI Compliance: 2021 AOC (Updated annually) 
  4. The partner/merchant or old provider should encrypt the file with our public PGP key
    1. If possible they should encrypt using both keys (stripe will only use one key) & make sure the file is CSV or JSON
    2. ACH and Cards must be in separate files
    3. If the file contains only customer information - it doesn’t need to be PGP encrypted
    4. If the file contains card or banking information (for ACH), it must be PGP encrypted
  5. Once the file is encrypted using the PGP key, there are two ways the file can be sent to Stax. 
    1. You can submit a ticket for the migration via Stax Connect through a support ticket or by emailing with the encrypted files. 
      1. Email Subject Line: Subject (ex. Token Migration) | DBA | PMID
    2. (In progress): The file can be directly uploaded to our Stax SFTP server and a partner specific username and password can be requested
    3. If you have your own FTP server, Stax can download from there as a secondary option. If this is the case, please skip to step 6 and include those details in the support ticket
  6. Once the file has been sent to Stax, please submit a Support Ticket to so our support team can track the progress. Each merchant who is going through the token migration process should have their own support ticket and separate file uploaded.
  7. Once the token migration process is completed, you will be able to see all of your customer information, payment methods on file, schedules (if imported) and scheduled payments will continue to run as normal

Things to Note:

  • Make sure the token information is coming directly from the processor, this ensures that the information is up to date and can help mitigate declines from outdated card information
  • AVS settings from the previous processor will match what Stax is going to implement on our end. (Ex: If street + zip, Stax wants to make sure we look for the same information in order to help mitigate declines)

For merchants coming from these gateways:

Stripe - token export instructions

Braintree - token export instructions

Paypal - token export instructions (scroll to "Data Export Process")