Transferring Ownership of your Stax Account

Stax by Fattmerchant takes pride in our flexibility to transfer ownership of processing accounts. If your business is under new ownership, it is important to make sure the correct information is on file. To do so, a new application will need to be submitted with the new owner's updated information. The new owners will be grandfathered into your existing pricing. In most cases, the same equipment will be able to be utilized as well for ease of use. 


How do I get started on my transfer of ownership?

To start the transfer, please reach out to Stax customer support or your Customer success manager. Once the new owner's contact information is provided we will reach out and have the application submitted for their payment processing. Once the account is approved, the previous account will be closed down. 


How do I add an additional authorized signor to my processing account?

Adding an additional authorized signor will allow this individual to adjust any account information on file for processing. To add an authorized signor, please submit a letter on corporate letterhead giving permission for the individual to sign on your behalf of the account. Please also ensure your signature and the additional signor's signature is on the form.