Update Address

How do I update my shipping and billing address on-file? 

Updating your address information on-file with Stax is extremely easy. Simply send an email to support@fattmerchant.com with the new address and your account information. Please specify if this is for your shipping address, billing address, or both. 


How long does it take to update this information?

An address update typically takes between 5-7 business days before it is fully updated. 


Why is it important to have the correct address on-file?

It is extremely important to have the most accurate address information on-file for multiple reasons. First, if additional equipment is ever ordered, Stax must ship to the default shipping address on-file. Additionally, important account information such as statements and chargeback notices are sent to the billing address on-file. If the address is not accurate then a merchant will not receive these notices.