How to Update Your Address on File

Updating your Address

  1. Once logged into your Stax account, click Setting in the left menu. 
  2. On the Settings Account tab, click Update Account, and then click Update Merchant Account Information.
  3. On the Merchant Account Information page, click Continue and Sign. Note that you will need identifier information from your business, such as your DBA and Federal Tax ID. 
  4. Click Get Started.account change
  5. Complete the form with your new mailing and shipping information. Verify you have filled out all fields shown.
  6. Digitally sign the document and click Continue
  7. Please review the information and click I Agree.

How long does it take to update this information?

An address update typically takes 5-7 business days before it is fully updated. 

Why is it important to have the correct address on file?

For multiple reasons, having the most accurate address information on file is extremely important. First, if additional equipment is ordered, Stax must ship to the default shipping address on file. Additionally, important account information, such as statements and chargeback notices, are sent to the billing address on file. If the address is inaccurate, a merchant will not receive these notices.