Verifone Communication Errors

 Below is a list of communication errors and quick fixes to start processing again!


TCP Error

This error occurs when the machine isn't picking up an ethernet connection, or the cable is unplugged. This is most common when the business location has just recovered from an internet outage. 


  1. Make sure your ethernet cable is plugged into the ETH port.
  2. Reset the machine's connection.
    1. From your WELCOME screen, select the STAR button right above the RED X on the keypad.
    2. Select COMMSERVER.
    3. Press the PURPLE KEY below the HAMMER AND WRENCH icon in the lower right-hand corner. Select REPAIR
  3. If the repair is successful, press the RED X key until you see VCS ETHERNET.
  4. Select the STAR KEY above the RED X on the keypad.
  5. Select CREDIT/DEBIT. You should be able to process again.
  6.  If the repair failed, the location is more than likely to have an internet outage. Check to ensure your router has an internet connection and call your internet service provider for assistance. Note: You may have to reset your modem after a service outage.

No Line Found

This error occurs when the machine is not connected to an active phone line.


  1. Please ensure your valid phone line is connected to the back of the machine in the port with a BLUE PHONE RECEIVER icon. 
  2. Check the line to ensure there is a dial tone, and it is active.