Verifone Decline Codes


Receiving a decline on your credit card machine may be rare, however, it's important to know what type of decline codes you may receive while processing. If a credit card has been declined, the machine will print out a decline code on the receipt. Please use the table below for reference of decline and reason codes. 

Declined code Explanation
97 Invalid CVV
78 No Such Account Exists
65 Customer Has Exceeded Activity Limit
63 Card Is Restricted
62 Restricted SIC Code
61 Customer Has Exceeded Withdrawal Limit
57 Service Not Allowed
54 Card Has Expired
51 There Are Insufficient Funds
19 Re-Enter Information
15 No Such Issuer
14 Card Number Is Invalid
13 Card Amount Is Invalid
12 Invalid Transaction
05 Do Not Honor
04 Merchant Should Keep Card