Verifone: Time Change

From the main Sale/Void/Refund screen:

  1. Press [Enter]
  2. Press F2 for Setup
  3. If prompted, key in the password 1 Alpha Alpha 6 6 8 3 1 then press the green [Enter] key; otherwise, continue to step 4.
  4. Press [Scroll Down] (Far Left Purple Button under the Down Arrow on the screen) four times.
  5. Press F1 for Date/Time
  6. Key in the correct date in MM/DD/YYYY format then press the green [Enter] key.
  7. Key in the correct time in HH:MM:SS format (in Military Time, use 00 for seconds) then press the green [Enter] key.
  8. Press the red [Cancel] key until you return to the main screen.