Website Payments Full Set Up

The website payment app provides you with a flexible way to generate payment links or buttons and easily collect payments online from your customers. Payment links can be included in emails you send to your customers or added to invoices sent outside of Omni, allowing your customers to pay you right away, without having to pick up a phone! Additionally, the app allows you to generate simple “Pay Now” buttons that you can place directly on your website!

To start, select Apps from the sidebar menu, and select “Website Payments”. From here, you have the option to create four types of website payment links.

1) How to Set Up a Payment Link

2) How to Set Up a Payment Button for Your Website

3) How to Set Up a Payment Link or Pay Now Button with a Preset Amount

4) How to Set Up Dynamic Payment Links


Advanced Customization

The advanced customization tool is a great way to set up your website payments page exactly the way you want! With advanced customization, you have the ability to customize the colors on your page so the website payments page is more aligned with the rest of your website. In addition, you have the ability to create custom fields that are required to be utilized by your customers. The custom fields feature will ensure that your customers are sending along pertinent information that you need to have, along with their payment. Examples of this would be, client name, invoice number, customer ID, etc.

To get started with Advanced Customization:

  1. Navigate to the Apps tab within Omni
  2. Select Advanced Customization
  3. Select Launch


Color Pop

To use the color pop feature, begin by clicking into the “Color Pop Enabled” box. Once enabled, you will be able to select from the color grid . Once selected, click Save Settings at the bottom of the page.


Website Payments Custom Fields

 To use the Website Payments Custom Fields, begin by selecting “+ Add Custom Field”.  You will now be able to create a Field Label and Placeholder. If you would like for the field to be required, move the toggle on the right to highlight blue. Once you have created all of your fields, select “Save Settings”.

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