What are Stax's fees?

Stax is a flat-rate payment technology company that allows businesses to pay a subscription fee in return for access to wholesale processing costs.

This pricing model can save merchants up to 40% on processing fees over traditional pricing plans.

Plans & Pricing

Save up to 40% on credit card processing with the industry’s first flat-rate subscription model—Plans starting at $99 a month.

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Also known as the wholesale cost of processing, interchange comes from card-issuing banks and the card brands (Visa, MasterCard, Disc, & Amex) and is a cost that all merchants will have to pay, regardless of their processor. The difference between Stax and other processors is we don't add a fee percentage on top of interchange, only our low subscription. This limits how much markup you pay compared to other processors.  

Interchange pricing is specific to how an individual merchant takes payments, their merchant category code, and the types of cards being used. Rates are published regularly by the card brands and dictate all rates for accepting credit cards.

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